Announcing Canopus Token Yield Farming Products

Here comes the update that you have been waiting for, the community has been concerned about the liquidity of Canopus tokens and staking farms from the very beginning of the project. The long wait is over and we are thrilled now because exciting times lie ahead.

Canopus Staking/Farming Dapp is scheduled for mainnet launch Today. and OPUS holders and liquidity providers can start earning high APR rewards.

You want to be among the first set of stakers and liquidity providers that will have a massive advantage. As soon as it is launched, start farming $OPUS

Single token staking: Stake OPUS to earn OPUS

Multiple token staking: Stake OPUS-AVAX, OPUS-PNG, OPUS-USDT on Pangolin Exchange and Stake OPUS-BUSD & OPUS-BNB on Pancakeswap Liquidity Provider (LP) token to earn $OPUS.

If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to reach the Canopus team in the telegram group.



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